Municipal services


Electric High Pressure Pump

Equipment embarked on High Pressure cleaning vehicle

  • 557 VDC – 20 kWh – 190 kg battery pack
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and inverter
  • Fully integrated pump-coupling and motor on a common baseframe
  • Top-level electronic system for pressure regulation and HMI

Prototyping, testing & validation of the system

Proven benefits for the end-user

  • Diesel engine shut down during pump operation = reduced noise and reduced consumption
  • Easy variation of pump speed provides great flexibility for operators both in pressure mode and vacuum mode = increased productivity

Multi-Purposes Tool Carrier

  • Rolling Chassis Design
  • Hystat Transmission
  • Stability Correction (compensation cylinder)
  • Tool Sustentation
  • ...

Road Sweeper Autoguide System

Work Mode : autoguide system to follow the rail

  • Mécanical sensor
  • Proportional valves

On-Road Mode : Orbitrol steering

Our applications