Power Packs

Thermal Engine and its environment: cooling, post-traitement, urea circuit (voir ci-dessous),

Coupling, Pump adapter, Reduction gear, Clutch, Multiple output pump drive,

Hydraulic pumps, Generator, Mechanical transmission,

Engine feet, steel structure, supporting elements and enclosure,

Pipes, bellows, flexible & rigid hydraulic piping, fuel piping, cabling harness,

... validated all together on prototype, tested after assembly and delivered ready for installation in your equipment !


Sub-system Cooling

Multi-core coolers : Water, Hydraulic Oil(s), Charge Air, Fuel, Condenser

Fans & Fan Drive : pulley-driven or hydraulic

Viscous clutch, Variable pitch fan  


Sub-system After-Treatment

Particulate Filter Solutions : passive, active regeneration with/without catalyst

Recommendations based on duty cycle analysis (power, temperatures, duration, operational constraints, …)

Complete management and Prototyping of the System (Sensors, control of calatyst injection/dosing de catalyseur, cabling, urea piping)...


Our applications