It will be possible to carry out storage on Tuesday, May 28, 2020 until 12:00 AM. Cette réglementation régit toutes les compétitions de karting autorisées et sanctionnées par Auto Sport Québec. DEKM-Regulations 2020 As at: 14.01.2020 – changes are printed in italics The Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e.V., in cooperation with the Promoter IKmedia GmbH, organises the German Electric Karting Championships (status: National A NEAFP) according to Level 1 of the DMSB Lire plus. Mardi 21 Juillet 2020; Championnat de Ligue Lyon. Règlement sportif 2020 d’Auto Sport Québec. Das Reglement beschreibt die technischen Bedingungen der Rotax MAX Challenge. Amendment No 1 for the 2020 Kart Yearbook (Senior X30 class weight is 162kg) Amendment No 2 for the 2020 Kart Yearbook (TKM Starter clarification) Amendments to the 2019 MSA Kart Race Yearbook will be published here: Amendment No 1 relating to number plates for Rotax Master 2019. Dimanche 1 Mars 2020; Championnat de Ligue 2020 : consultez le réglement. Reglement à consulter. Article 1.3 Place “Mobelim Challenge your Kart 2020 Limoges” will take place on the electrical go-karts track of the “Mobelim Challenge your Kart 2020 Limoges” will take place from Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 9:00 AM to Wedensday, May 27, 2020 07:00 PM. 1.2 Dates / Calendar 2020 The BNL Karting Series is proposed by the Belgian RACB Round 1 31 july – 02 august Karting Genk (BEL) Round 2 02 october – 04 october Karting Genk (BEL) Round 3 22 november – 24 november Karting Genk (BEL) Circuit Karting Genk : Home of Champions Damstraat 1, B-3600 GENK Tel : +32-89-658182 06-07.05.2020 Karting track Ampfing Qualifying races: 08-10.05.2020 ADAC Kartrennen Ampfing 05-07.06.2020 ACV Kartrennen Wackersdorf 17-19.07.2020 ADAC Kartrennen Kerpen 28-30.08.2020 ADAC Kartrennen Mülsen 04-06.09.2020 Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy Wackersdorf” Article 7.1 is amended as follows: “7. At the forefront of web technologies, the functionality of version 2 has been greatly extended to facilitate the organisation of race results, statistics and related information. Registration form 2020 – 35th edition FORMULAIE D’INSIPTION REGISTRATION FORM 29 & 30 August 2020 One entry form per team / Une inscription par team To be sent before 30 July 2020 / A retourner avant le 30 Juillet 2020 LE MANS KARTING INTERNATIONAL ASK ACO – ROUTE DU HEMIN AUX ŒUFS 72 100 LE MANS (France) e-mail : Grundlagen Registriert unter C-KA 02/20 am 16.12.2019 ADAC Sportabteilung Hessen-Thüringen e.V. Click on "I agree to all cookies" to accept all cookies (also from third parties) ) and to be able to visit our website directly, or click on "Cookie Settings" to manage your cookies yourself. Lire plus. Article 2 : Conditions de participation ... Règlement Trophée de Ligue 2020. Running of the Events 7.1. Information & communication. - ADAC Clubsport-Reglement - Internationales Sportgesetz der FIA (ISG) mit Anhängen - Internationales Kart-Reglement der CIK/FIA Sportliches Reglement für die ADAC - RMC Clubsport 2020 im ADAC-Clubsport-Bereich . Bienvenue sur le site de la Ligue de Karting Rhône-Alpes. This website uses cookies - more information on this and your rights as a user can be found in our data protection declaration at the end of the page. 1. RÈGLEMENT TECHNIQUES 2020 Auto Sport Québec est le représentant officiel au … The new version of can be viewed easily on all platforms. Inscriptions. Version 2020-09 « 300KM OPEN KART» du Karting Circuit Paul Ricard Règlement Article 1 : Définition Le Karting du Circuit Paul Ricard organise une animation karting par équipe, ouverte à tous, sous le nom de " 300KM OPEN KART". En vigueur le 6 mars 2020. Diese haben ebenso in jedem für jedes Land gültig und bilden die Grundlage für die Qualifikation zu den Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF).